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Central, Southern, Western, Northern, and Upstate New York scanner frequencies.  
CNY, SNY, WNY, NNY, UNY, NY scanner frequencies.  Fire, police, ems,
ambulance, disaster, state police, emergency management, hospitals, search &
rescue SAR, public safety interoperability & mutual-aid, V-TAC, U-TAC, 8-TAC,
VHF & UHF off-network simplex talkaround channels, sheriffs, park police, dec,
encon, thruway authority, NYSDOCS corrections, prisons, jail, courts, ny state
fair, highway, dot, aircraft, airports, military aircraft, ft drum, businesses,
college, university, destiny USA, malls, stores, marine radio, US coast guard, uscg,
news media, noaa, skywarn, railroads, trains, csx, school buses, school districts,
tow trucks, ski resorts, utility, national grid, NYSEG, RG&E, CB, FRS, GMRS,
MURS, trunking, 800 900 MHz trunked.  P25 digital, and much more.
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Central & Northern New York Scanner Frequencies!

Fire, EMS, Police, DoT, Highways, Aircraft, Airports, Businesses, Colleges, Malls & Stores, Railroad/Trains, School Buses, Utilities, and more!
Website updated 04.22.2020