Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  There are scanner frequency sites out there that are free.  Why does ScanningCNY.com charge a small fee?

A:  First off, thank you very much for visiting our website!  We appreciate all the great feedback we have
received over the last 5 years.  We do charge a small fee for most of the information on our website.  One of
the main reasons is because we have no advirtisements or banners on our website.  We pay out-of-pocket to
keep this site running each and every month.  Its
NOT free for us to run this site.  Without a small fee, this
site would not exist.  Also, we provide much, MUCH more information than those "other sites."  We
concentrate on Central & Upstate NY frequencies.  We are local.  Sometimes, other sites create a local
database of frequencies, but then they sit there without updates.  At ScanningCNY, we have the most
up-to-date frequencies, including NEW pending frequencies for radio users!  We also do our best to add any
known PL/DPL tones.  We hunt and search for frequencies that aren't even listed with the FCC!

Q:  Can I preview all the radio users that you have frequencies for?

A:  Yes!  We have created a section that allows you to click on each county to preview what users are in each
county listing.  On the preview page, we do not display the frequency nor the PL/DPL tone.  However, with
paid access, you will have access to all the frequencies posted for each user, and any PL/DPL tones listed.

Q:  My county's Fire, Police, EMS, and other Public Safety users have gone silent.  Are they operating on a new
frequency or something??

A:  Yes!  In fact, several counties are operating a UHF P25 Digital Trunked radio system.  Cayuga, Madison,
Onondaga and Oswego County all operate on whats known as the Central New York Interoperable
Communications Consortium (CNYICC).  This network is a multi-county APCO Project 25 compliant project
designed to function as an "interoperable land mobile radio communications system" for all public safety users
and local government, in a region.  We have all the new information you need to program your new digital
scanners for the new system!

Q:  I have paid for access to the website, now what?

A:  Once you have paid (via PayPal) for access to our website, please allow upto 24 hours for your user name
and password.  Most of the time, it will not take 24 hours, but will be generally sent within 4 - 12 hours.